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Starting a business straight out of university

Funmilaya Aiyenuro graduated from university three months ago, and she’s ready to get started as a young entrepreneur.  She’s literally putting the ingredients of her business together.
She’s be doing consultations and training in making your own natural cosmetics, and providing clients with bespoke natural beauty products.
Currently she’s finalising her recipes, getting her products tested, and building her network of contacts. 

Getting started as an osteopath

Last year, Austin Plunkett qualified as an osteopath, flush with success after five years of study. Now all he needs to do is to figure out how to set up a business, and make a living, from his newfound qualification.

His first degree was in history of art, and “the internet happened when I was at university.” He tinkered around with some programming in his spare time and found himself a career in web design.

Designing costumes for film and TV

Claire Anderson’s website is a pleasure to surf. She’s designed costumes for all sorts of familiar films, TV series and ads.

Suddenly I realise what an art there must be to dressing someone to look just average, or to fit a certain type of character.

Yet like so many of us, it’s fair to say that Claire more ‘fell’ into her current role, than planned to end up there.

A life in publishing

“Various times it has crossed my mind that it’s kind of simpler to have a job, but I have a two year old son. Even though it’s a challenge to have a toddler at home when I’m working, I don’t want to leave at 7am and come back at 9pm.”

Michael Lommel runs his own publishing company, and helps other businesses with their internet marketing.