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Running an IT consultancy

“I think the freedom is one of the big things. The freedom of choosing what we do, how we do it and when we do it.”

“We can decide pretty quickly as a team, OK, we want to focus on this and that, and decide how and when we do it. That’s a really nice thing when you have the freedom of doing that.”

Being in charge of his own destiny, and being able to work to his own agenda, were big drivers for Cyril Clement in becoming his own boss.

10 cute signs that I work for myself

Yesterday a friend, who mostly works herself, told me she had booked herself some bargain flight tickets to New York.

Then she realised she'd forgotten she actually has a part-time job. Like, working for someone else. Oops!

And I was just in my bathroom adding the first layer of colour to my toenails, when it occurred to me that not everyone thinks it's normal to work on their toes in between work commitments.

So, ten cute signs that I work for myself:

Running a village deli

Drew Wilkinson’s dream is to run a floating restaurant in the Mediterranean.  He studied boat design in Cornwall, worked in restaurants from Greece to Australia, and he was "hoping to set off on a food odyssey and find an exotic life in wonderful far off places".
So why does he sound so pleased to be running a delicatessen in the landlocked village where he spent his childhood, with three kids, and married to someone he grew up with?

23 happy years as an osteopath

Rupert’s been an osteopath for 23 years, he’s never done anything else, and he clearly LOVES his work. 
He chuckles throughout our interview and seems quite baffled by questions about any downsides to his working life.
When he started at the British School of Osteopathy, he’d never had a treatment himself.  “My dad had though, and friends of his, and they were very keen.”  His mum, a physiotherapist, was “quite anti.” 

Taking charge of how I want to work

What if you want to stop seeing clients in the evenings or on weekends? You want to shorten the length of your appointments? You want to put your prices right up?

In my experience the biggest obstacle to all of these has just been my own worry.

I've spent an awful lot of time worrying about making these kind of changes. When I've gone ahead and done them though, it's caused barely a ripple of response.

Within a year, I drew a line in the sand

Real estate in Ecuador

Once upon a time Susana Adderley helped Ecuadorians buy property in Miami. Now she’s putting a website together to market property in Ecuador to people all over the world.

She has her eye on demographics. “In the States and Europe there’s a lot of people that are retiring. The circumstances in each country obviously are different. But what people find their pockets, may not reach very far for living.”