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Junk phone calls from India

It could just be me, but this is starting to drive me nuts!

On my business line I get probably about half a dozen phone calls a day which are either silent, or after a small silence have an Indian voice asking me how I am, mam, and they are calling to help with my computer problem. Or whatever it is.

I have sympathy with these poor people on the phone, who are surely doing a horrible job and probably hardly getting paid anything, but my milk of human kindness is running pretty thin.

Becoming recognized as an expert

While looking after her two small children, Lillian Bridges knew she wanted to finish writing her book.

“I took a class at UCLA on how to write a non-fiction book."

"The teacher said, make yourself an expert in the eyes of the publisher. I said, I don't feel like an expert.”

“He said, well how long have you done faces? I said, well since I was five. He just burst out laughing and said, okay Lillian, if you're not an expert nobody is - go teach a class. I said, what?”

Preparing for the worst

Someone just told me a story about a self-employed builder who died suddenly. His wife was left with no husband, and also no knowledge at all about his business. The bank “were not very helpful.”

Poor lady, eh.

It got me thinking, what if any one of us were run over by a bus? How would our loved ones, and our dependents cope? Would it be worse than if we had jobs and were employees?

Winding down one business, and starting the next

Rose Grimond has done all sorts of things in her time: “I went from drama school, to acting, to editorial assistant at the Economist, to sub-editing, to working with ex-offenders.”

It’s food though, that’s finally captured her. “I can’t stop thinking about food. I wanted to be around food and talk about food.”

Rose’s first business, Orkney Rose, shipped delicious foodstuffs from Scotland to London restaurants and Borough Market.

Keeping the RIGHT clients

In my line of work, and I reckon in yours, half of the knack of building a good business is in avoiding the D4s.
What do I mean?
You rate your customers in two ways.  One to four is on fees, or the income they generate for you.  One is good and four is bad. 
A to D is how much of a nuisance they are.  How much of your time they take, and how much bother they are to you.  D is bad.

The satisfaction of creating art that people want to buy

Ann Ardron sold her first painting when she was in her early twenties, but never really considered it as a career until much more recently.

“I didn’t really think of myself as artistic then, in fact I don’t really think of myself as artistic now, because I think of myself as quite technical. Art was just a hobby for a long period and then it gradually kind of crept back.”