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Taking a break from a career in textile design

Katherine Cowtan worked for 15 years as a freelance textile designer. Eight years ago though she took her loom apart, and hasn’t put it back together again since.

She spent six years at art college, including the Royal College of Art, studying textiles and during her course she visited a historic mill in Hampshire which was still powered by its water wheel.

“Being a country bumpkin all my life, I just fell in love with it.”

Writing for a living

Listening back to the recording of my interview with Joe Treasure, it’s clear I was in the presence of language in a rather cultivated form.

Instead of the stops and starts, rewinds, and tangents that fill most of my recordings, which I try to wrangle into something more coherent while holding fast to the gist, Joe’s words flow off the MP3 in fully formed sentences and neatly arranged paragraphs.

But still the ups and downs of his day to day experience of working for himself are very familiar ones.

Part time music tuition

Luke* has been tutoring since he graduated with a music degree a few years ago.

“It’s something that you can do very easily if you have a skill, you’ve had the training and you’ve got the experience. It’s also a way of getting further experience and, bluntly, it pays the rent.”

After he graduated, “I printed business cards. I went online, a really helpful website that creates snazzy business cards, because I’m hopeless at all of that kind of thing."


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