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Real estate in Ecuador

Once upon a time Susana Adderley helped Ecuadorians buy property in Miami. Now she’s putting a website together to market property in Ecuador to people all over the world.

She has her eye on demographics. “In the States and Europe there’s a lot of people that are retiring. The circumstances in each country obviously are different. But what people find their pockets, may not reach very far for living.”

Running four small businesses

Adriaan Theron is a man with a plan.

"I was always going to start my own business. Working in the restaurant industry and getting capital together was just a stepping stone to start to do my own thing."

Working for yourself "you can have a bit of a greater say on your financial situation. You feel that you're more in charge and you can make whatever you want to make."

“I just believe that the opportunities to create wealth are much easier working for yourself than working for someone else.”

Getting innovative with landscape design

Lindsay Rothwell’s background is in arts writing and editing but now her creativity is coming out in a more tangible realm.

Having children, and moving from London to San Francisco’s Bay Area, threw her established working life up in the air.

“I think if only one thing had changed, I don’t know that I would have entirely changed industries from the art world to landscape design."

“My hope at the time was to go fully freelance as an art writer, and had we stayed in London, that is what I would have done."

Setting up a dogwalking business

Dan Leuw has worked as a gardener in the west country, an English teacher in Vietnam, and a digital mapping technician for DEFRA.  These days he enjoys an outdoor lifestyle, in central London, by walking dogs for a living.
I talk to Dan in our local park and as we start we are interrupted by a nearby shout. 
“Is Margot allowed a treat?” rings out a deep voice. 
“Yes,” shouts Dan, and turns to face me again before twisting back to add “but make her sit.”

Sustainable self-employment in a small village

I spoke to Gordon while I looked out over the urban rooftops of Elephant & Castle, and he gazed out over fresh Scottish fields.  Well, as best he could see them through the rain obviously.
In the early 90s, Gordon was made redundant from his job down south, and “was so irritated and annoyed with having worked for such crap companies that I swore I was never going to work for anybody again.”

Life coaching

“When I was younger I wanted to be a psychologist," says Marie Glasheen, "but when I saw what they were teaching at school, it wasn’t what my heart was longing for.”

“This was more than 30 years ago, and they were doing Freudian analysis, and it really didn’t resonate with me. I wanted to find something practical, to really help people feel better about themselves.”

Setting up a mobile carwashing business

Steven Williams set up his car washing business a year ago.  He washes 5-10 cars each weekend.  I meet him on a chilly October Sunday morning under a railway arch, as he washes a big removals van, and it looks like hard work.
This is the first time he’s worked for himself, and he’s fitting it around his day job at a garage, where he picks up, washes, and drops off customers’ cars that are being serviced.

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