10 cute signs that I work for myself

Yesterday a friend, who mostly works herself, told me she had booked herself some bargain flight tickets to New York.

Then she realised she'd forgotten she actually has a part-time job. Like, working for someone else. Oops!

And I was just in my bathroom adding the first layer of colour to my toenails, when it occurred to me that not everyone thinks it's normal to work on their toes in between work commitments.

So, ten cute signs that I work for myself:

1. I think it's completely normal to give myself a pedicure over the course of a working day.

2. In my house there are two sets of phones. The black phones are the "bat phone", the work line, and I studiously ignore them at weekends.

3. Once upon a time, I ate so many business lunches in expensive (I mean, EXPENSIVE) restaurants that I was totally bored of them. Now I get all excited if I'm going out for a Chinese.

4. I cook my own lunch, and eat it watching great TV from the night before. I have a main course, a little dessert, and a nice cup of tea.

5. In dinner parties, when people tell me all about my own chosen field of work, I've perfected a smiling spiel about how I (me, myself, personally) wouldn't DREAM of passing judgement on the value of anyone else's chosen field of work (say, bond trading). Because, well, that would just be rude, now wouldn't it?

6. When I have an IT problem that I really can't fix myself, I have a little roster of experts (my cousin, my other cousin, my friend, my other friend), who I phone up and sweet talk for advice. I try not to trouble each of them more than once a year.

7. I live in London but I find it a charming novelty when I travel on the tube.

8. When I had the inspiration to make this website, it didn't occur to me to write a business plan and approach a venture capitalist. I just started researching how I could learn the five extra sets of skills I was going to need, without having to spend any money.

9. I'm SO in charge of my carbon footprint.

10. The other dog owners who also walk their dogs in our local park are a major component of my social life.

And you?

About the author

Jessica Kennedy
Thursday, 12 July, 2012 - 17:10
United Kingdom

Jessica is an acupuncturist, www.jessicakennedy.com, and the founder of www.smallbiztribe.com.