10 embarrassing signs that I work for myself

First I wrote 10 cute signs that I work for myself.

Then I found myself shifting around uncomfortably in my seat, remembering some of the, err, less cute signs...

1. Once (and ONLY once, I swear), I answered the door to a client wearing my dressing gown, with birds-nest hair and gummed-up eyes. Yes, I forgot I had a booking. Oh, the shame.

2. Meanwhile, I've had to buy some special stain remover to address the number of food stains I get on my tops from eating my lunch sprawled on my sofa.

3. Last year, when I did some voluntary work with an NGO, their feedback included how disturbing they found it that I often sent work-related emails at two in the morning.

4. On Saturdays, when I read the careers advice column in the newspaper (with people complaining about how they can't get the pay rise they feel they deserve, and that kind of thing), I feel like telling them to (a) pull themselves together and (b) sort their own life out rather than thinking that someone else should be doing it for them.

5. I feel increasingly resentful about some of the ways my hard-earned taxes are spent. And some of the really large salaries in those jobs. I'm turning into a Grumpy Old Woman.

6. When one of my friends, a management consultant, told me at his lavish birthday party about his latest pay rise and how he was casting around for a more expensive hobby (like wine collecting, or expensive cigars), I nearly started crying.

7. Saying "I'm an acupuncturist" stops a proportion of conversations dead in their tracks.

8. When I feel people are looking down on me in a conversation about my work, from time to time I find myself blurting out "although I used to be a Chartered Accountant you know" and sometimes the whole hog "and of course I went to Oxford."

9. I have to remind myself to be sympathetic that not everyone can take the afternoon off to go round an art gallery if they feel like it.

10. I daydream about the salary and perks and support network of having a job. Oh blessed life! But the idea of actually going out and getting one is about as appealing as selling my kidneys on ebay.

And you? Do you have an embarrassing sign of working for yourself that you're willing to share?

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Jessica Kennedy
Friday, 20 July, 2012 - 14:18
United Kingdom

Jessica is an acupuncturist, www.jessicakennedy.com, and the founder of www.smallbiztribe.com.