The best things about working for yourself

Being master of your own destiny. This is a biggie. As Trent, who runs his own food business says, “you want to get up, you want to do stuff, because you can see where you are going and what is happening.”

Getting to do something that you love. Levente, a personal trainer, says “If someone wants to lose weight, or someone wants to be stronger or more muscular, I really enjoy seeing the achievement."

Reasons to file self assessment tax returns online

There are many reasons why you may have to complete a self assessment tax return; you may be self-employed or you might have complex financial affairs.

While you are allowed to complete the process manually, many people choose to register, complete and file the return using the internet.

10 cute signs that I work for myself

Yesterday a friend, who mostly works herself, told me she had booked herself some bargain flight tickets to New York.

Then she realised she'd forgotten she actually has a part-time job. Like, working for someone else. Oops!

And I was just in my bathroom adding the first layer of colour to my toenails, when it occurred to me that not everyone thinks it's normal to work on their toes in between work commitments.

So, ten cute signs that I work for myself:

Taking charge of how I want to work

What if you want to stop seeing clients in the evenings or on weekends? You want to shorten the length of your appointments? You want to put your prices right up?

In my experience the biggest obstacle to all of these has just been my own worry.

I've spent an awful lot of time worrying about making these kind of changes. When I've gone ahead and done them though, it's caused barely a ripple of response.

Within a year, I drew a line in the sand