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She definitely needs to thank a long list of people, including Francis Rhys-Jones and Stuart Northfield for some early technical guidance, Ashleigh Houfe for all her diligent transcribing of the interviews, and the wonderful Marie Glasheen for her enthusiasm and encouragement.

And of course all of the friends, family, contacts, friends of friends, and flat-out strangers who have kindly given their time and energy to be interviewed or to contribute an article.

Thank you all so much.


Many of the images used on this website are from, others have been created by Jessica, or contributed by interviewees. The owner of each image is credited on the page it where it is used.

The sticky note images used in the menus and forum pages were licensed from for use without attribution. But we like to be nice, so we'll still tell you that they came from Image: kangshutters / (the stack of notes), Image: Danilo Rizzuti / (the burning note), and Master isolated images / (the rest).

Jessica created the logo. When she realised she couldn't use an image of an envelope that she'd got from freedigitalphotos for logo purposes, she spent quite some time photographing envelopes and sheets of paper on her kitchen table. Multi-tasking, ohhhhh yes.