I have noticed that some content or a user profile is in breach of the Small Biz Tribe terms of use

Thank you for spotting that, please log in and click the ‘report this’ link on the relevant page. If you do not have an account and prefer not to log in, please get in touch instead.

I have spotted a spelling mistake or a broken link

Oh dear! Please let us know, we’ll sort that out. (Although we’ll double check first that it’s not just the quaint British English of the author or of the interviewee!)

Why do I have to give my real name when I create my user account?

As the publishers of your contributions, there is a possibility we may be held responsible for what you’ve said, for example if you libel someone. We know sometimes that using your real name will hold you back from saying something you’d like to say, but it may also be that it helps keep us all polite! Plus of course it may help you promote your business.

Why are interviewees allowed to be anonymous?

A few of those who have been kind enough to be interviewed prefer not to be publicly identified, for various reasons. However we do know who they are, so they are not anonymous to us.


What should I put in my article? How long should it be?

Great, thank you for contributing! Please see the guidelines here.

My article/guide/interview/blog post has disappeared

When you submit your article, it is saved in ‘unpublished’ mode. When we’ve reviewed it and edited it, we will publish it and send you a link.

I can’t edit my article/guide/interview/blog post

You can’t edit these after you’ve submitted them. If you have important changes please get in touch.

How soon after I submit my article/guide/interview/blog post will it be published?

Blog posts should normally be published within 36 hours. With articles, guides and interviews, we have a pipeline of unpublished content waiting in the background, to ensure an even pattern of new content. Your contribution will join that flow. We’ll try to move it close to the front of the queue, so it should be published within a couple of weeks.

In the author details area at the bottom of my article/guide/interview/blog post, I can’t change the sentence about myself

We have created this sentence based on the info you’ve given in your user profile. If your details have changed, let us know, and we will update your author details if needed.


I would like to be interviewed

Thank you! That’s great. We have quite a long list of people waiting to be interviewed at the moment, so your interview may get published faster if you find someone yourself to interview you and create an article. You might have a friend who writes well, or you could post a request in the Arts & Media section of the forums here, or you could use www.elance.com to find a freelance writer.

My interview does not have a link to my user profile

That doesn’t happen automatically, so just let us know and we’ll add in the link.

My interview is not showing on my user profile

That doesn’t happen automatically, so just let us know and we’ll add in the link.

The web address shown for me in my interview is out of date

Please send us your new address and we’ll update it

My interview is completely out of date now

Congratulations on the evolution of your business! The interview is a snapshot from one point in time. Perhaps you’d like to find someone to interview you again, about the development of your business over time, and submit the new interview for publication?

I still have a question

Please post your question in the feedback section of the forums, so that everyone can see the answer.

If you still need help after that, get in touch. Unfortunately though our resources for getting back to you are reaaaaaaallly limited, so it may be quite slow.