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A life in publishing

“Various times it has crossed my mind that it’s kind of simpler to have a job, but I have a two year old son. Even though it’s a challenge to have a toddler at home when I’m working, I don’t want to leave at 7am and come back at 9pm.”

Michael Lommel runs his own publishing company, and helps other businesses with their internet marketing.


Reasons to file self assessment tax returns online

There are many reasons why you may have to complete a self assessment tax return; you may be self-employed or you might have complex financial affairs.

While you are allowed to complete the process manually, many people choose to register, complete and file the return using the internet.


Building up gradually to being her own boss

It was during youthful travel that Kerry Marshall caught the acupuncture bug. “Travelling in Asia I had come across acupuncture and some other Chinese and Asian medicine techniques, and was really attracted to it all.”

Doing various travellers’ jobs along the way, Kerry found herself in London. “I went to an open day at an acupuncture college and loved it, and loved the whole concept of study, and four years later I was an acupuncturist.”

New Zealand

Running an IT consultancy

“I think the freedom is one of the big things. The freedom of choosing what we do, how we do it and when we do it.”

“We can decide pretty quickly as a team, OK, we want to focus on this and that, and decide how and when we do it. That’s a really nice thing when you have the freedom of doing that.”

Being in charge of his own destiny, and being able to work to his own agenda, were big drivers for Cyril Clement in becoming his own boss.

Other countries

Real estate in Ecuador

Once upon a time Susana Adderley helped Ecuadorians buy property in Miami. Now she’s putting a website together to market property in Ecuador to people all over the world.

She has her eye on demographics. “In the States and Europe there’s a lot of people that are retiring. The circumstances in each country obviously are different. But what people find their pockets, may not reach very far for living.”