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Working smarter

Finding places to work on the go

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Many self-employed people like to work outside of their home, and it's getting easier all the time.

Here's an article about an app that lets you find locations based on your preferences. It also references a few websites that offer this sort of service.

Managing stress

Becoming recognized as an expert

While looking after her two small children, Lillian Bridges knew she wanted to finish writing her book.

“I took a class at UCLA on how to write a non-fiction book."

"The teacher said, make yourself an expert in the eyes of the publisher. I said, I don't feel like an expert.”

“He said, well how long have you done faces? I said, well since I was five. He just burst out laughing and said, okay Lillian, if you're not an expert nobody is - go teach a class. I said, what?”

Working with family

Running a village deli

Drew Wilkinson’s dream is to run a floating restaurant in the Mediterranean.  He studied boat design in Cornwall, worked in restaurants from Greece to Australia, and he was "hoping to set off on a food odyssey and find an exotic life in wonderful far off places".
So why does he sound so pleased to be running a delicatessen in the landlocked village where he spent his childhood, with three kids, and married to someone he grew up with?

Business partnerships

Running an IT consultancy

“I think the freedom is one of the big things. The freedom of choosing what we do, how we do it and when we do it.”

“We can decide pretty quickly as a team, OK, we want to focus on this and that, and decide how and when we do it. That’s a really nice thing when you have the freedom of doing that.”

Being in charge of his own destiny, and being able to work to his own agenda, were big drivers for Cyril Clement in becoming his own boss.

Getting off the ground

Starting a business straight out of university

Funmilaya Aiyenuro graduated from university three months ago, and she’s ready to get started as a young entrepreneur.  She’s literally putting the ingredients of her business together.
She’s be doing consultations and training in making your own natural cosmetics, and providing clients with bespoke natural beauty products.
Currently she’s finalising her recipes, getting her products tested, and building her network of contacts. 

Moving on

Winding down one business, and starting the next

Rose Grimond has done all sorts of things in her time: “I went from drama school, to acting, to editorial assistant at the Economist, to sub-editing, to working with ex-offenders.”

It’s food though, that’s finally captured her. “I can’t stop thinking about food. I wanted to be around food and talk about food.”

Rose’s first business, Orkney Rose, shipped delicious foodstuffs from Scotland to London restaurants and Borough Market.


Junk phone calls from India

It could just be me, but this is starting to drive me nuts!

On my business line I get probably about half a dozen phone calls a day which are either silent, or after a small silence have an Indian voice asking me how I am, mam, and they are calling to help with my computer problem. Or whatever it is.

I have sympathy with these poor people on the phone, who are surely doing a horrible job and probably hardly getting paid anything, but my milk of human kindness is running pretty thin.