Junk phone calls from India

It could just be me, but this is starting to drive me nuts!

On my business line I get probably about half a dozen phone calls a day which are either silent, or after a small silence have an Indian voice asking me how I am, mam, and they are calling to help with my computer problem. Or whatever it is.

I have sympathy with these poor people on the phone, who are surely doing a horrible job and probably hardly getting paid anything, but my milk of human kindness is running pretty thin.

Preparing for the worst

Someone just told me a story about a self-employed builder who died suddenly. His wife was left with no husband, and also no knowledge at all about his business. The bank “were not very helpful.”

Poor lady, eh.

It got me thinking, what if any one of us were run over by a bus? How would our loved ones, and our dependents cope? Would it be worse than if we had jobs and were employees?

The importance of clear agreements

An interesting article about putting in the effort up front to make sure we get our clients to pay at the end of the job:

"A client won’t accept my terms…what can I do?"

"We always go on about establishing contracts and terms with new clients – it may seem a little heavy-handed but it makes things much simpler if the project goes south."

The disadvantages of working for yourself Part II: the financial challenges

Unfortunately, financially, working for yourself is not always a land of milk and honey.

Often, you earn less money. The majority of people I’ve interviewed who used to work for someone else, now earn less, working for themselves.

“I would probably be better off financially if I was working for somebody else. But I set up just to make a reasonable living, and to do the things I wanted to do,” says Brian, an architect.

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